"I’d say that the most important thing you did was give me a bit of a confidence boost I was lacking elsewhere: the thought, maybe only just the triggering reminder, that I could actually DO things and succeed at them. I am very much a confidence-based person and that’s what I need to get along. I’m in good company here [...] and everything’s going swimmingly [...] Once again, thanks for giving me the idea to come here."

"My life felt really cluttered and I was looking for a bit of clarity and action to remove those things that had become obstacles. Mainly literally in organising my bedroom/ living space but also figuratively in making worthwhile decision that would be of benefit. The single biggest benefit is being given practical guidance on using personal living space effectively to manage clutter and provide a positive working environment [...] I recognise the usefulness and positive significance Alan’s life coaching can have in creating opportunities to change behaviour."  

"Professional and serious."  

"I was feeling as though post-university my life was lacking direction, and it seemed as though there were too many “things” I needed to get done that ignoring all of them was easier than prioritising them and getting stuff started.  I managed to prioritise all of the things that needed sorted in my life, and dividing them in to clear sections (biological, intellectual etc) made it very easy to do this, and really made me think in quite a lot of detail what I wanted from life. Secondly – progressively I managed to get my house in order (what seemed like a very daunting task at first) and I know I couldn’t have done that without you!"

"Dr McManus is a pleasure to work with."

At the end, what kind of life will you wish to have lived?

Live that life now.

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