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One of the many issues people consult me about is nutrition. If you copy & paste one of the links below into your URL window it take you to an eBook I've written, called Body-Logic. I describe it as 'the little book that makes a BIG difference'. Try it out and see for yourself! 



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As a doctor of philosophy, I've learned to think clearly; as a theologian, I've learned to respect people's deepest values; as a linguist, I've learned to understand the unsaid; as a lecturer, I've learned to communicate; as a student counsellor on Nightline, I've learned to accept others; as a teacher at home and abroad, I've learned to encourage students; as an EFL summer school manager, I've learned to be decisive; as a careworker, I've learned to be practical; as a community theatre manager, I've learned to liaise; as a playwright, I've learned to realise my dreams; as a director, I've learned to bring out the best in others; as a stage manager, I've learned to support creativity; as an actor, I've learned to improvise; as a novelist, I've learned to entertain; as a poet, I've learned to tell the truth; as a sailor, I've learned teamwork; as a peaceful activist for equality & social justice, I've learned to work for harmony - the meaning of my name. 

  • Meet me for a complimentary coffee at a local cafe - so you can get to know me and I can explain more about my approach. This brief introduction is not charged, there is no commitment and we do not discuss details of your personal consultation focus.

  • Schedule a consultation at your work/study space or home. This is charged on a sliding scale of £25-35 per hour. 

  • If you prefer not to meet me for a coffee first, then that half hour can be added onto your first work/ study space or home consultation. 

  • Previous appointments permitting, I should be available during the day and in the early evening (Monday-Friday).

Don't contact me if you just want to just vent for an hour; or expect to just sit back while I echo your words about your feelings; or expect me to sit back while you expound your favourite life philosophy. If just talking about your feelings, your philosophy or indulging in a tirade had worked, you wouldn't need me now.

Do contact me if, and only if, you want to change your life. 

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