"I have got the motivation to sort out my surroundings to make me feel like I can be more at peace at my own home – something that was the single biggest obstacle – starting the ball rolling! I feel as though my life now has a clearer direction, although I still feel I would benefit from some more sessions.  The motivation for doing this was the great sense of achievement that I got seeing the stars mounting up on my calendar, and ticking off all those things from my “to-do” list, knowing that I had finally done something that I’d been meaning to do for weeks, months or even years. I would highly recommend Alchemical Life Coaching."

Step-by-step, starting from something as simple as relocating a wardrobe or shopping for tomorrow's nutritious breakfast, moving from de-cluttering your room to re-organising your workload, using the techniques of good time management to cope better with family or work responsibility, learning how to learn and thinking about thinking, reflecting on the ups and downs of life and discerning a pattern that is meaningful for you - all this can unblock the energy in your life and turn leaden hours into gold.

Alchemical Life Coaching is inspired by alchemists, from the ancient Chinese Taoists to the real-life Parisians, Perenelle and Nicolas Flamel, whose work was for the improvement of quality on the physical, physiological, socio-personal, intellectual and spiritual levels - by observing and coordinating patterns of stability and change. My practice is rooted in my published doctoral research (www.robertpirsig.org) on the bestselling books by this American philosopher, "Lila" and "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", which explain the conflicts between these levels and how they may be resolved.

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